How to Choose a Gym

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Why choose Core Fitness?

The most important thing when considering joining a new fitness program is to make sure the gym you choose has knowledgeable coaches that to guide you through the entire workout – and that they do so with enthusiasm.

Experience fitness a new way

A gym should make you feel good. From how you move your body to who you are moving with and everything in between. At Core, we take pride in creating an inviting atmosphere paired with a fitness program that elevates your health and well being. Functional fitness at its best paired with a fun and safe daily experience that keeps you happy coming back time and time again.

Increase your general fitness level

The coaches at Core Fitness work hard to ensure each session is unique from the last. Creating a wide variety of effective workouts is where Core Fitness excels. It’s easy to be good at one thing. In Fitness, there are 10 recognized general physical skills. Each program at Core Fitness helps you improve each of these 10 physical skills (cardiovascular/respiratory endurance, stamina, strength, flexibility, power, speed, coordination, agility, balance, and accuracy).

Inclusive fitness – that actually includes you

The needs of people ranging from Olympic athletes to the older generation differ by degree, not kind. The coaches at Core Fitness are experts in creating scalability, making it perfect for any committed individual regardless of age or experience. We ensure that every member knows and understands how to do the required movements during each session. At Core, we would rather see you move safely and effectively than incorrectly perform an exercise with high intensity. When you start with us, you are not expected to know everything about fitness or our program. We are ready to meet you where you are.