Goldwyn and Boyland P.T.

Dr. Dillon Caswell

Core fitness has partnered with Goldwyn and Boyland P.T. This creates a unique opportunity for members of the gym and Syracuse community to blend sports medicine and Functional Fitness.

Dillon Caswell, a Doctor of Physical Therapy, Board Certified Sport Specialist  and one of Core’s fitness coaches, is the leader representing Goldwyn and Boyland and the services of PT at Core Fitness. He shares his excitement for this opportunity as it blends two of his passions (sports medicine/rehab and Functional Fitness) together.

Although Dillon specializes in sports therapy, he helps any and all patients, no matter the age/condition, he is trained to treat it all. G&B accepts both private pay and most every insurance that is out there.

Goldwyn and Boyland’s approach to PT is much different than “traditional PT.” They use a true movement based holistic approach attempting to look past medical labels and create a new perspective to truly set hope in motion. Truly believing their approach is uniquely better than others with clinical outcomes supporting this. Some techniques we use include selective functional mobility assessments, Autonomic Awareness techniques, and blood flow restriction training for rehab along with traditional soft tissue work. Other than that, G&B provide traditional techniques such as instrumented soft tissue massage, myofascial release, spinal/joint manipulation, etc.

Goldwyn and Boyland has been a hidden secret in Cortland for years now. They work closely with area high-schools, colleges, Olympic athletes (yes they come to Cortland for treatment), and the Syracuse Orthopedic Specialists group.

Please do not hesitate to ask questions or refer others to reach out with questions. Contact information for PT services with Dillon Caswell through Goldwyn and Boyland listed below.

“We could not be happier to be expanding out of Cortland and to offer services to the Syracuse Community.” – Goldwyn and Boyland


Call to Make an Appointment: 607-756-9886