Michael Alberts

From Mike himself:

“I’m Mike Alberts, and I was diagnosed as a diabetic in the spring of 2012, with an A1C (measuring blood glucose level over previous 3 months) level of 12.1. Normal level is considered 7.0 or below. I was put on a dose of an oral prescription and that seemed to help for a while, simply taking meds with few other support measures to sustain lower blood glucose levels. A1C levels were in the 7.2 range.

After about one and 1/2 years of strictly meds, my blood glucose levels began to escalate, and after a meeting with my physician, I was advised that I needed to supplement the medication with an exercise and better diet regimen. If that did not occur, the glucose levels in my blood would get to the point where I would need to be put on an injectable (insulin) program, and the chances of reversing the complications could become more difficult. With a family history of diabetes (both parents were diabetics), and being familiar with the issues they encountered, I made an immediate decision to make a change. 

After his morning appointment with the doctor, I stopped by what he thought was an empty Core Fitness Training box. I had seen ads posted around the area, read a couple of Facebook posts and wanted to see what this was all about. As I was about to get in my car to leave, Sean Eaton popped out the door and asked if he could help me. As they say the rest is history. Sean and I spoke for about a half an hour, and the next day my CrossFit adventure began.

That was three years ago, October 2014. I wrote on the wall I am a Core Fitness member because “of the unseen benefits”. Yes, there was the visible loss, almost the equivalent of a 45 pound plate I was carrying around on my frame. There was the fact I could not run 200 meters without having to stop half way and walk the rest. I could barely make it up the stairs at home to shower for about three weeks. But the goal was clear. I needed to get this situation under control, and that blood sugar level was something that no one could see, other than myself.

The numbers…..

Before Cross Fit (Oct 2014)
Body Weight: 250lbs and A1C Glucose 7.0 – 8.0

After one year (October 2015)
Body Weight: 210 – 215 A1C Glucose 5.8
(doesn’t sound like a big deal, it is huge)

An A1C level in the 5.8 – 6.0 range which is where I am now, is barely in the pre-diabetes stage.

I think it is safe to say Core Fitness has possibly saved my life. It has made a huge difference, and it hasn’t always been easy. I had a lapse, however, the benefits, not to mention the community and support makes it all worth while.”

Mike is still actively partipcating at Core. He has since brought his two sons Ryan Alberts and Owen Alberts, his daughter Bridget Alberts and his wife Donna Alberts to join the fun as well. Mike has proven that when you commit yourself to a goal, and work hard to get there, anything is possible. Today we celebrate Mike and the Alberts family!