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The community that spontaneously arises when people complete workouts together at Core is a key component of why what we do is so fun and effective.

Through camaraderie, a sense of competition and eagerness to get better is present and drives your daily connection. The people keep you coming back, the coaches continual educate you, the program keeps delivering results.

Core Fitness

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Core Fitness is a multi-purpose functional training facility located in Western Lights Syracuse, NY.

The programs offered at Core Fitness are: Fitness Athlete, FIT, RRR and one on one personal training all with a focus on developing and enhancing functional fitness through strength and conditioning. Each session includes a warm-up, two unique workouts to choose from that are run simultaneously, personalized instruction on skills and movements, strength training, and a blazing workout to burn calories and constantly improve.

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Goldwyn and Boyland P.T.

Core fitness has partnered with Goldwyn and Boyland P.T. This creates a unique opportunity for members of the gym and Syracuse community to blend sports medicine and Functional Fitness.

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